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Bought this a couple of a weeks ago; a Burny LC-75RR. Been a huge fan of Randy Rhoads for years and this was too good an opportunity to refuse. It's coming all the way from Japan and should hopefully be here later this week - all I need now is a decent amplifier and I've currently been looking at HT5's and the Tubemeister 18, but I'm very much open to suggestions!

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Proud owner of a Chapman ML-1
Thanks all. Any recommendations on what amp to look for? I'm looking for something quite versatile but that will be comfortable with heavier stuff too!

Wade Garrett

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Very nice! Sweet guitar mate.

The amp I'm using at the moment is an EVH 5150 III LBXII. I really like it, between both the channels it does everything I need. It's a head so you would need a cab (mine's a a 2x12" with v30's).


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HT5 and tubemeister are pretty fine amps.
Especially now the ht5 mk2 is out.

Depending on what you're going for Laney is very nice and I really liked the koch jupiter.
If you like pedals you could go to something like a blues jr.
at low volume the katana is worth giving a look.