Laney GH50L

Brough this a few years back
Its suprisingly loud, just like a Tiny Terror!
Its only 1 channel!

It has all the sorta standard features like effects loops.

Its a very raw amp, it is also very crunchy with the gain backed off aswell as the drive.
The Drive setting is more of a rounded modern distortion
The Gain setting is very raw and versitile

The amp doesnt have any Reverb of Modulation settings, but it does have a "Resonance" feature.

Overall the amp is perfect for High Gain music. You can get a nice raw Reuben and Sikth tone with the mids and trebile rolled back with a bit of bass. Clean channel is pretty clear untill turned up, as its only 1 channel amp it does lose some clearity.

the monkey lord

The Simian Behemoth
I checked out some interesting new amps at NAMM, videos will be up soon... I tried a Budda Superdrive 45 and the 18. But also Bognor invited us to use there Ubberschalle prototype which was serious killer gear man.
Have you seen the size of Joe;s pedal board?
Its worse than Vai and Satriani put together!

Raw amp tones for the win :)
Thats where Orange and Laney come in :)