Just released a self-produced full-length instrumental album. Mastered by Jamie King. Would love feedback on the mix and the arrangements!

Over the past several years, I’ve been writing and recording music at home. This summer, I finally had a chance to sit down and pull it all together into a new instrumental project that I’m calling Fallen Shrines.

Last week, I released a self-titled full-length album at fallenshrines.bandcamp.com. It should be available on streaming services early next week.

This project is inspired by Cloudkicker, Haunted Shores, Opeth, Intronaut, Emperor, Cult of Luna, Alcest, Katatonia, and Agalloch.

Recorded and mixed by me, and mastered by Jamie King.


1. The Clearing
2. Ritual Landscapes
3. Mithraeum
4. Effigy
5. White Oak
6. Sacred Grove
7. Reynisfjara
8. Tower of Silence
9. Reality Bends
10. Fallen Shrines
11. Damavand

Please enjoy!