Jackson Dinky JS20

Just brought a s/h dinky js20, only 4 of the 5 selector are working, but the import 5 way blade selector doesn't look if there are many wires on it, does anyone have the full wire diagram for this guitar. Thanks
Second hand , it said in the ad that there was a wire loose. But for the price i paid for, i couldn't let it go. There is no wire loose, i check the pick ups they are working great, on the 5 way selector, number 1 is the humbuck, 2 humb & middle pick up, 3rd middle pick up, 4th middle & neck pick up, there is no sound on the 5th selector. so basically i need to see a js wiring diagram for the 5th to work.

ed lespaul

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I don't think you need to rewire the whole guitar. Without looking at it, I would try moving the wires to see if one wire has a loose solder joint. Another thing could be the blade is not making contact, try pinching it in the problem area.