iRig for Android?

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Does anyone know of anything by anyone anyhow anwhere that will get me any similar features of the Apple iPhone iRig? I absolutely will not get an iPhone. Though I would never admit it to my rhythm guitarist, I am a bit jealous of her iRig setup.
I seem to remember IK multimedia saying they weren't interested in creating android amplitude in the near future :-(


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It'll come:

Quote from an IK Multimedia employee on their forum:
Re: FAQ: AmpliTube iRig for Android?

by brianbane » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:11 am

We've actually begun an initial foray into Android development recently, completing some successful tests of low-latency audio. It will still be several months away, but we should present some Android offerings in the future."

For whatever it's worth... I've received the Korg Pandora Mini recently, smaller than a phone, and incredible amounts of models of amps and effects, far more (and far better sounding imho) than the iRig app that I tested on iPhone and iPad some time ago. I have this DAW and DJ apps on my android, and frankly, I just like knobs better, although these apps work great as such. I'm not that impressed with the iRig, second half of the nineties I bought the first Korg Pandora, which is already smaller and lighter than an iPhone, and I still use it. It sounds dated in comparison to modern full feature modelers, but it sure has a better playing feel than the iRig imo. The new mini Pandora with 400 presets and USB interface is half the size of the iPhone, and lasts 4 times as long on a single battery charge, plus it can also be USB powered and there is a deep editing graphical interface software for real time parameter editing over USB. It will be very hard to beat that imho, the analog circuitry is so much superior to that of any phone, and the price is really low also for the features and convenience.