Information required. ML3.

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Hi, I have 2 ML3,s. I bought both last Christmas, didn't really mean to,old bloke internet glass of wine,whoops.
Trad serial no W140101
Mod serial no W140107
Made in Korea
Can anyone give me any info
They are pretty amazing guitars. Better than the Tele I bought in 1977. Great necks, ringing strings,oy caramba. Just screams pick me up, when you look at them. The necks I mean if it could it would play itself (especially after I have beenP.s. I like them.


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Korean production started in 2013, so 2014 would still be original Korean models.

Traditional should be Ash body, maple neck and fretboard. Modern should be Mahogany Body, maple neck with ebony fretboard. I think the necks on both are the same modern C profile, so relatively thing. I always found them similar to MIJ Charvel SoCals. The pickups are all Chapman Guitar originals. Back then they were ok pickups, but meant to be modded if the owner wants to. So inexpensive, usable pickups, but you can always upgrade. The newer models have pickups that should be better.

What else do you want to know?

Rik Foster

Slide ukelele anyone?
Thankyou very much for your reply. eBay purchases. Modern was really cheap. It seems to have original strings!. Pickup jack replaced as it was f.. Both are beautiful and play really nice. Workmanship is great ffret edges better than my Gibson. Wouldn't minded a trem bar.


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Cheers for your replys. The Trad,so light the mahog, not so. . Do you have any idea what price , when they were new. ?
My ML-3 Modern is also a "Legacy" model, and yeah, that mahogany is uh-... something else, weight-wise.
I want to say the ML-3 Modern and Traditional were 2 of the cheaper models and were like $379 or $429 or something? Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Mine was cheaper than whatever the "normal" price was, because it was a "demonstration model" from the 2015 Chapman American Expedition, and even though I'd LOVE to reference how much it was, to help... I have no idea, because the email receipt is gone and Riff City redid their website and old orders got wiped, so I can't find anything on how much I actually paid.
Assume under $500, I suppose.

Also, yours are (again, correct me, if I'm wrong, folks who know more) the first year of ML-3s (2014), and are the 101st and 107th out of the factory (for their respective models, I believe), if I recall the serial number references correctly, anyways. Mine is a 2015, and was the 2nd one out the door (W150002).

Other than that, all I can say is, my ML-3 Modern is "weight relieved" (chambered, I think), but is still the heaviest guitar I own, so that Mahogany packs a hefty punch. And I have officially replaced the original pickups (the neck one stayed in it from the time I got it, to just about a week ago, but the bridge I swapped out a couple years ago), but some folks seemed to love them, and I didn't really feel they were "bad", just not my favorite (the neck was nicer than the bridge, but most people said the opposite, so I'm clueless).
And I drove myself mad, trying to solve some buzzing issues, but it came down to the big frets, the thin neck (lots of flex) and all the screws and bolts needed to be tightened, including the neck bolts, because someone didn't quite tighten them down properly.
Other than that, it was great, is great, and will likely continue to be great, but I recommend some solid strap locks (a guitar that heavy is just asking to go through some floor boards, and/or feet, heh), a comfy strap (save some neck/shoulder problems), and a nice cleaning and setup, and both of them should be keeping you happy for quite some time.

That's all I got.
Oh, well, I have a picture of mine, cause I'm a dope and like bragging about my "light modifications", heh.
Here are some image links, cause I don't the thread to load slower, due to big pictures being posted.
[Inky 1]
[Inky 2]

I hope you get all the info you need! :)