I'm WAH shopping. Can you help?


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So I've just sold me Dunlop Crybaby SW95 Slash Wah.

The wah was great but it had a built in distortion circuit which was crazy mad which also meant it required a separate 18v adaptor which was a pain for a feature I didn't use. This was my first ever wah pedal.

So I'm now Wah shopping!

Any suggestions or considerations?

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Same here. I love the Mini Crybaby on the middle setting (there's a small selector inside). It's honestly the best wah I've heard and the size is very easy to get used to.
Another vote for the Mini Crybaby. The selector changes the frequency range over which the sweep acts. That makes the pedal suitable for many tastes. I don’t know if it’s the best sounding wah out there, since everyone has different ears, but I sure like it. Plus its size makes it really convenient to carry around.


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When I was re building my pedal board few years back I went westside on Denmark Street they have all the wahs set up in a loop. I tried them all blindfolded with the help of my pal that works there, narrowed it down to 3, the original, jimi hendrix sig and the CAE MC404 Wah Pedal. I bought the jimi hendrix sig. Which I love.

Best money doesn't matter wah is the Jam pedals wah, which is amazing and if I'd tried that at the time I might have spent the extra £100.

The mini wah sounds awesome but I prefer having the full size pedal I have stupid big feet and couldn't get used to the size.