I do what I do- and that is Tattoo!


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£60 an hour
£180 half a day (3 and a half hours)
£350 all day (seven hours)
In some cases, we charge per design instead of per hour if it makes more sense.

Could you possible give the post code of the parlour (so I can find it on Google) :p


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how much do you charge????
Prices are thus-
£20 minimum
£60 per hour
£180 half day session (3.5 hours)
£350 full day session (7-8hours)- I do quite alot of these actually... I'm quite 'gentle' as it goes- years of self tattooing to find a more comfortable style of application.


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And some examples of tattoos I have done, some more on my Facebook/Tumblrrrrrrr.
The Cherryblossom photograph was taken while healing, hense why it looks a little scabby/dry.
The middle photo was added on to today, and is from today, which is why it looks bloody sore (it hurt a lot) and will have some awesome b-movie style colours in it :)



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I'm definitely going to put some cash aside and get a nice bit of work done from you guys, got a fair few things I've been meaning to get done, but everywhere in London is so damn expensive