Hum through speakers/headphones using audio interface into PC

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As the title says, I get a hell of a lot of noise/interference when using my audio interface, which records, so it's coming through the whole signal chain.

I'm using Guitar>Focusrite Saffire 6 USB>PC>DAW+VST or just standalone amp modeller.

I get the interference regardless of the guitar I use, even my Eggle with EMG 81/85, so it's not shielding, and the interference is attenuated somewhat if I move away from my PC, so I guess something somewhere is picking up interference from that.

Any suggestions?

Soap Distant

The Big Kahuna (again!)
Is it possible that you have a ground loop in your setup?
Shouldn't think so, as the interface is USB powered. One thing I haven't tried yet is a ferrite magnet on the USB cable. If I hold any guitar close to the PC, the noise gets worse, so it isn't a shielding issue. The interference is definitely coming from my PC, but there's a lot of shit in there, including 6 hard drives and a large water cooling system. It's only really noticeable on high gain patches, especially if I have a boost or overdrive in there somewhere.

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Ok, to debug it, you need to open MixControl for the Focusrite. You might be clipping the signal.

Start at the source and work your way into the PC, checking/switching cables, etc.