Hi from the Pacific North WET

It was raining this morning, it's sunny now - I don't expect it to last.

I was never much of a guitar player - I blame a lot of that on my first cheap Harmony steel string acoustic - that was painful to play - but I still played it a lot back in the early 70's. It came and went but I never got a better guitar so it was always a fight. I've always loved the guitar, so when I finally reached the point where I could afford it, I picked up a new one. I've got two acoustics: A Lowden nylon string single cutaway and a Martin DMX - both about 20 years old at this point.

I think the last time I actually picked them up was nearly 16 years ago.

Why now? I decided I was spending way too much time watching videos on YouTube having already binge watched everything on Netflix. I figured since electric guitars are actually easier to play, I'd play more so... Clearly, the answer was to get serious about the guitar again by spending 200+ hours on YouTube researching electric guitars - and amps, and pedals, and... Where upon, I fell into Chapper's rabbit hole of doom.


On the edge of breakup
Welcome - the hole is rather large. You could fit in The Albert Hall a lot of times ... :eek: I'd never actually seen the rabbit although I've been here for a long time.

I'll stop now before this get into a weird* A Day In Life meets Alice In Wonderland ... :confused:


* = no - there's not a non-weird version of that anyway.