Hey Everyone!

Good Morning,

My name is Jason Shackelford but have gone by Shack since about the 5th grade. I currently reside in Baton Rouge, LA but am in the process of moving to Western Mass. Played guitar in my teens (badly) but then life happened (stop me if you have heard this one before). Just turned 50 and getting back into playing as a hobby and way to keep my mind fresh and alert. The struggle is real. After much tone chasing and soul searching i realized I loved the single coil Tele sound. Love all kinds of music but has to say I enjoy playing classic bluesy rock and 70s west coast country rock (Loggins and Messina, POCO, James Burton, Redd Volkert, Bill Kirchen, etc.). I have 2 Chapman's, both ML3s. A original issue Traditional in Natural and a Traditional Pro in Triton. Love them both. IN the process of modding the original with the electronics out of a 50s Vintera. First time with a soldiering iron...wish me luck. Seems like a good board and great group of folks. Looking forward to getting to know you and learning a bit.

Take care and stay healthy and Safe
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Subtly not giving a F*ck
Thanks Tankman. I definitely will. Love the band. You singer has great voice.
Thanks for checking us out! We try our best. Tomorrow will be our first practice session since early March. I did work on some music with the singer once or twice in the meantime, but tomorrow it's finally going down!