Hello there!

Hi everyone,

I recently turned 40 and decided to learn it was time to learn how to play electric guitar. Long story short, I purchased a second-hand ML1 CAP10 Blackout, which I love to bits! The design, feel, and as I'm starting to learn more about the electronics, the pickups sound pretty impressive. For the amp, I'm using a Fender Mustang LT25, which sounds pretty cool and loud, to my OH's despair :-D

Still need to take it to a luthier to set the action properly after I botched it up, but still, I think it plays really well. I'm still learning the chords, hammer-ons and timing, so we'll see if I can, in 1 year's time, play Black Sabbath's War Pigs beginning to end.

Stay safe and healthy!


Subtly not giving a F*ck

The key to learning to play is to stick with it, practice and don't give up. I've been getting back into playing faster metal riffs recently after I quit that genre (playing, not listening) years ago due to an injury. Just slow it down, learn the notes, then speed it up to match song. Use a metronome! It's an annoying, but very helpful tool.