Hello from me


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Hello fellow forum peoples,

I'm a new member just joined the forum and I wanted to pop by and say "hello" I have been playing guitar for a little while now.

My present guitar squeeze is a Yamaha Revstar RS502T and I love it as never had P90 guitar before. I have around six or seven guitars and at some point I'll get around to actually being good at playing them. My first guitar and one that needs refretting is an Aria Pro II Knightwarrior (its also the one I would go to if the house was burning down) from the mid 80's and built at the Matsumoku factory, Japan. I also own an original 1986/87 Kramer Baretta with Klein Graphics (OK I would also grab this in the other hand if the house was burning down), Gibson ES335, PRS Custom 24 10 Top, Aria Pro II ZZ Bass Deluxe and a couple of Guild acoustic guitars.

I have a couple of THR10 amps, Boss Katana 100 head (of which is quite superb), Marshall 1960AHW Handwired 4x12 Angled Cab and a Marshall AFD100 head. Feel free to ask more questions on my gear and looking forward to chatting with you soon.