Happy pedals week!


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Thank you to @Felix for an easy transaction for a lovely Japanese Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension from 1989. Really nice spark to it.


Also got something that's big, heavy and purple. This has been on my want list for a while. After about a week or so of haggling on Evilbay it became mine.

Disclosure: I still can't play like Jimi but at least I sound a little like him now.



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Glad you're enjoying the pedal. It was really nice dealing with you for the sale and I'm happy it's at a good home right now.

Back when I had 12-14 Boss pedals, I A/B'd this against a Japanese CE-2 which is the other very expensive chorus and I preferred this one much more.

Once Bertie is about 2 years old, I will get myself a new rig and another Gibson Les Paul Custom, as he should be mature enough then that he won't jump up on me as I'm trying to practice lol!