guitars on the beach world record attempt.


plays jazz on a Stratocaster
Pretty cool idea, there's an annual event in the city where I study pretty to this one, only not on the beach ;) Current record is 6346 people, I was there that year, pretty impressive!
Hi - I'm organising this. We're just waiting to agree the date, but it will be this summer on the beach in Lyme Regis. Sorry it's an awkward place but the space is perfect. I'll be announcing the date next week. In the meantime any interested are invited to join in and become part of Britain's Biggest Band - which we're calling The Two And A Bit Band. It's not too difficult to play and it'll be good fun. Please invite, tip-off, as many guitarists as you know - we have to spread the word - and Like the FB page. If anyone wants to contact me directly about this - email Thanks for your interest.
This is going to be fabulous: it's being organised by the best music PR in the business. We've already got our first sign up from the US.
Me again - the date is set Saturday September 7th, on Lyme Regis front beach at 5.0 pm. We've already got more than 320 guitarists signed up. Please come, please spread the word to friends. We'll be playing Buddy Holly's Rave On - in G.
If anyone has any queries you can also contact me of I look forward to meeting any or all of you. All the best, Geoff