Guitar Master Classes - North West?


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Hi Guys,

my wife's a vocal tutor (this isn't a plug), and occasionally goes to a vocal coach association master class/workshop style thing for a day which is run by some of the best vocal coaches in the UK.

Just wondering does anything like this happen from a guitar perspective. I'm not on about the "evenings with" type things as they are more about sitting there watching someone talk to the audience rather than a full teaching/learning thing.

Also would prefer North West based if they do, or at least somewhere where I can get to on the day rather than having to overnight (so no London / south coast stuff).



Simon Park

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If you look at various websites for music shops in your area, there may well be guitar clinics being held. I'm in Australia, and there are often 'events' like that at certain music stores; or at venues hired by a music store for that purpose, etc. I don't know what the situation is where you are, but local music shops are the places to find out I reckon.