Good but cheap pickups ML1

Hey ppl!

I am pretty sure I want to get the ML1 and as Rob said that it is an empty...what was that word again? Well never mind I want to add some good pickups to it but I am on a buget. I don't want to spend too much so not any Shadows. It has to be a humbucker and I am a metal guitarist. I know its about your own sound and all that other crap but I just want a pickup :mad: just to cut down the price I was thinking of buying on ebay (I am a noob! :cool: ). Oh and I am in the UK if it makes a difference.


Hope to hear fro ya soon



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I have a rockfield mafia in an all mahog guitar like the ML1 and I can confirm that the combination is very very good, sounds good coil tapped too. I still owe Issor a demo.


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Im tempted by a Di Marzio but as a starter Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II in bridge, Texas specials in mid and neck

eBay is good for cheap pickups


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Pickups only need a battery if they're active. If you can see polepieces, it's passive and does not require batteries.
a good cheep pickup £12.50 a single-coil=hb-s by shaddow and open coil humbucker £20 hb-h by shadow the are cheep and sound good :idea:
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