Good Beginner Amp


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Fender G Dec 3

my mate has 2 -they sound good, have built in backing tracks, quite loud

they often come upreasonably priced on line


Other bevarages are available
Mustang III v2 for a littlie over £200 you can go from bedroom to gig volumes without losing tone, fitted as standard with a celestion G12. All the popular Fender amps are there as expected but it does a good job of nailing loads of other make with enough pedal options to please anyone. go try one, you'll be surprised.


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I would advice against the MG series. Those are the worst POS amps I have ever tried.
The worst amp I ever tried was also my first amp. A 10 watt Sound City that wasn't actually a Sound City, but one of those didgy amps that bore the name in the mid 80s.

That was a bad amp. I was so glad to replace that thing with a Peavey Backstage in about 1988 or so.

I wonder what happened to that thing?

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Would a good beginners amp not be something like this?


Let's face it... It's expensive. But you'd never sell it thus making it a good beginners amp. It looks good, sounds good, comes as a portable head and cab and sits neatly in the corner of a bedroom.

Win - win...
I still swear by my little Blackstar HT-1R for bedroom practice and recording. Really versatile, although in an ideal world I'd like a footswitchable second channel.