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So I have been taking lessons for about two months now and I am wanting to make my first electric guitar purchase. I am pretty sold on the Standard Telecaster by Squire but on amps I am still undecided. I am thinking of a small frontman by fender but then I came across the orange amps. Any thoughts would be helpful.


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Depends what your budget is and what music you like to play. If budget is tight the micro terror is a good buy for rock tones.


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Honestly mate, if you're brand new then a decent modeller is probably best, that way you can figure out your musical voice, style, preference with a good value all round amp with lots of features. Buying a decent tube amp after two months is just going to scare you shitless when you plug it in , then you start to get involved with effects etc and it gets awful expensive.
There are loads from Vox, Fender, Marshall etc, go try a few but don't let the sales guy blag you, go with a fixed budget and use your ear.


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I agree with sted - at this stage you may well have more fun with a little modelling amp with a lot of features, so that you can experiment with different sounds etc.

Can't go wrong with something from Peavey (VIP series) or Vox (Valvetronix) :)


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I definitely agree with the modeller comments too, but just wanted to mention the Roland Cube series as well, those things are great for the money. Try them all of course, but I just wanted to put it out there.


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Word of warning about could spend a lot of time fiddling to find a sound you like and not playing. I keep banging on about them, but the Yahamaha THR series are great practise amps. Enough different sounds to keep it interesting but not so many that you'll be endlessly searching your favourite tone

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Another vote for the THR here. They're great home practice amps and sound fabulous in their own right. They really score over most others in my opinion because of the ability to hook up an iPod, etc for jamming along to or creating backing loops in the supplied Cubase software. I use mine a lot at home.


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Modeling Amps - depends, I had a Crate that was awesome for metal but never got a good clean sound out of it, no personality - the following are what I have ended up with - all I can say is go play what you can and remember that acoustics of the room will make a huge difference...

VOX Valvetronix is an awesome amp and you can change the speaker and tubes and warm up the sounds if you want (I did) but I only use three settings now that I know what I like and I only use the reverb as far as effects.
Behringer Firebird - got this on a trade and it honestly sounds just like a vintage fender and I like it.
Ibanez TB25r - the amp sounds really good and these are dirt cheap sometimes (would like to get the TB225)
I got a Frontman 15G amp with my Squier Strat HSS. I am hoping that is all I need to get started. I ordered a pair of headphones to spare the family while I learn some sense of musical tone.
You can't go wrong with a Blackstar HT1R. Could I go back and choose a first amp (at a low budget) now I would chose that one hands down. Why? Because it got all the features and tonal variations you need while sounding immensely better than any modeling amp I've ever heard.


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It totally depends on your budget. If you're feeling flush, the HT5 will do you well, and if you're not, then the HT1 will suffice. I definitely think a small valve combo will serve you better than a modelling unit, but its all down to your own ears. Go to a few shops and try some. If you're not confident playing in front of a sales dude, ask a mate who plays to come.

I've got a Hayden High 5 5w tube amp, and I picked it up for about £120 from Andertons. For the money, its a fantastic practice amp, and I'd recommend one any day of the week, although it doesn't have a drive channel. However, if you combine it with even a dirt cheap multi fx unit (I have an old Zoom unit I paid £25 for) and you'll have enough tones to keep you happy, at a volume that'll keep the family happy.

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looks like godzilla and godzuki :p

my reccomend would be a roland cube, like a used 30x. inexpensive, sounds good, easy to use, about as reliable as a framing hammer. you have headphone capability, a tuner, and only the basics. dont buy a new one. they use a different kinda footswitch now iirc. but for a starter amp, you cant beat the cube 30x. remember cosm fx are boss, and are built right in.


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Even though this thread is old, I thought it be worth mentioning if your going for a Fender Squire guitar, why not get the full squire starter pack?

The best thing is, the quality will last you for many years and will always be useful for just practicing in your room and if you decide to sell them, they will hold a reasonable value and will be pretty easy to sell on.