Gone to Uni - Just a check-up

Charles Macdonald

Rock/Blues/Jazz/Fusion Guitarist!
Hey everyone,

Just seeing how things are going on here. I have been at uni for a week so it has mostly been freshers.

Any others on here just gone to Uni? It is going to take a bit of getting used to but hopefully I will learn to enjoy it :)

Just a check-up as I haven't been on for weeks since I have been preparing.


Charles Macdonald

Rock/Blues/Jazz/Fusion Guitarist!
Well you would think that but although I have been out it has been a bit more intense than your usually freshers haha (not that I have ever taken part in Freshers) haha


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I just started uni this week as well. Had to miss my freshers week unfortunately, thanks to a rather inconvenient stay in hospital (not that being rushed to hospital is ever convenient, but sometimes it's even more of a pain...)

Hope it's going well mate.


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Started uni up again, too, going into second year now! It's our freshers week at the moment, so nothing much for me (apart from my dept. pub crawl and possibly going to a gig or something) until next week.

All the decent gigs in my area don't start until later in the term, although Periphery's playing near me on the day I get my loan, so we'll have to see what happens, eh.


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I started at Manchester last week, and its been a mental week! Went to Liverpool on Friday to see my girlfriend too and stayed over. Went out in Liverpool too and it was mad..! I am so tired at the moment its untrue!