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the monkey lord

The Simian Behemoth
I saw him once...the ancient simian behemoth. He stood, solid, still, staring relentlessly into the wind. The cold rain, hit his brow, ran over his eyebrows and streamed down his face into his eyes, and yet he did not blink, he did not shake, he did not close his eyes. I had journeyed many weeks to reach him, and had many questions which i hoped he could answer. Trembling I reached up my arm and gently tapped his knee, he did not move. I tapped again, and very softly spoke, "Ancient one, I beg of you some time. I have many questions which have burned my soul for many years".

Suddenly the rain stopped, and then the wind rested and all was calm. He turned and sat cross legged, his head level with mine and then he told me something I can never forget.

"There is only one color from which all others are seen, there is only one emotion from which all others are felt, there is only one woman from which all others are born, there is only one sound from which all others are heard, there is only one"

I did not understand... and yet I did. In accordance with prophesy, the giant ape then vanished and was not seen for many years.

Scripture of the zealot yuio, lost mountain scrolls, chapter 8.