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For Sale/Trade Gibson Les Paul Custom 1995


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I have decided to sell one of my Les Paul Customs, from the good wood era of the 90's, these are considered great years for Gibson. It's a great guitar, plays and sounds as a Lester should.

The guy that had it before me loved this thing and used it all the time, so there are dings and lacquer checking all over it (Gibson charge extra for this) so it's a true 25 year old 'proper' GIbson.

The hardware has been changed to chrome by the previous owner, probably because the gold went to crap, has grover tuners, original pickups & original hard case.

The hard case front has been sprayed black, when i asked the guy why he said he did't want people to know there was a Gibson in there when gigging.

£2200 - part ex/trades considered, maybe a nice SG Junior or Les Paul Junior or something who knows

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