General info: Fender Am Std allen key references


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A lot of musicians that buy an Am Std Fender Strat or Tele, don't get full delivery of the "Assembly Kit" that is shipped with it, containing a number of accessories, like a Fender instrument cable, a Fender strap that goes with the colour of the instrument, a cleaning cloth, the keypack for the case, the assembly and quality control certificates with the names of the people that have worked on the instrument, did the quality control, and set it up, etc...
Often the keys or accessories are robbed from the cases by music stores to have the tools to set up guitars themselves, instead of the customer, thus forcing the customer to return to the shop for any adjustment to the guitar, which is of course extra sales opportunity and extra income for the store.
Fender doesn't publish the parts list, so most customers don't know what exactly should come with a new Am Std Fender.

Well, the only thing you really need are the appropriate allen keys, which are US Statute (imperial) measurement format, and not metric. This is annoying, since US Statute measurement allen keys are available in just about any hardware store or drugstore to 300 million people on earth, but the other 9 billion people have no easy access to US Statute keys. I know some people use the closest metric key that fits, but that is not advisable, as it will damage the hardware on the guitar for sure.

That's why I thought it would be good to post a pic of the standard allen keys for an American Standard Fender Strat or Tele (Mexican and other import Fenders and Squiers use metric measurements, it's ONLY for American Standard instruments!), so when you need a spare key, you can get it from any Fender dealer, or of course on the internet. With the reference numbers you can also get the Allparts equivalents, which are exactly the same basically, but might be cheaper. :D
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Nice work mate.

It`s damn true about the inconsistency of case candy. It`s not like they put a chitty in the boxcase to let you know what should be there.


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Good thread Ernesto. It took me all my life to find a allen key suitable for changing string saddle height on a strat!


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I hope they never change to metric, sometimes tradition is more important than convenience. I like the conservative traditional approach fender has towards the am std models, it has a number of advantages, one of them being that because of the traditional values involved, these instruments are way superior to the modern more efficiently built import models, and a lot of people don't want to change the am std models, look at sales figures and used market prices on am std models and am dlx models: am std models are way more popular while there is only a marginal price difference new, and on the used market, am std models de facto do not devaluate (only in the first few years), while the am dlx models devaluate quite a lot, and that's taking into account that the am dlx models are still made from about the same quality raw materials as the am std models, give or take a few bits and bobs.
I also feel that there is no shame in the pride the US takes in the quality of the electric guitars that are built there, in terms of massproduced premium electric guitars, they absolutely rule, and it is a well earned right to show off a little by sticking to imperial measurements. The Americans can't make decent cars, but they can make guitars.
I don't like German cars for the same reason, lack of tradition, only calculation, no soul, no pride. There are already waaaaaaaaay too many accountants and engineers on this planet, and sadly not many as talented as the late Leo Fender.
Fender might have been a cunning salesman, but that was only after he was fucked sideways by CBS in 1965, when he was conned out of his business (Fender's MD told him out of the blue he had only 6 months to live and should sell his business to CBS before he died, while in reality he was completely healthy). The day Fender changes the measurements used on the am std to metric, is the day the Fender legacy dies.