Gear you have sold and bought again, maybe even multiple times


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I ordered a Pedaltrain Classic Jr. According to this should be more than enough space for me. Going to try it out first of course before deciding if I'm keeping it.

Technically it's my first Cassic Jr. I, however, did own the original, slightly smaller Junior. I have also owned the Rockboard clone of the smaller junior from back when Rockboard just made their boards look exactly like Pedaltrains.

When you look purely at Pedaltrain, I have also owned Pedaltrain Mini, Pedaltrain 2 (original) and my current Metro 24.


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Fender Strat American Standard in Olympic White with maple fretboard.

Fender Strat American Professional in Olympic white with maple fretboard.

Always want a new guitar but need to sell one to get one. G.A.S.