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I just saw a Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah voor just over €100. Very tempted. Very cool piece of gear from my childhood, watching Korn use them.

ed lespaul

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In lieu of an IR pedal, I am still using my GNX from time to time to test pedals. For example, I picked up a Friedman BE-OD pedal, and even though it sounds GREAT straight into an FRFR, I also connected it before the GNX. I used the GenEdit software to control the GNX, turn off any effects, and set different amp, cabs, etc. I started with DIRECT, which bypassed any amp/cab modeling. Then checked the clean-ish amps, like Fender, etc. and let the pedal drive any overdrive. It's truly an amazing pedal, and the old GNX is an amazing tool for checking things out, quick and easy