Games from my Childhood


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I had a friend who had one of those Atari's with the wooden veneer

Then I got a NES, duck hunt and a few of the Mario games, paperboy. Great fun.

Since those days I've now had a PS1 and PS2. Driver was my favourite game, dodging the police.

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Haven’t tried an Atari 2600 yet, but am familiar with a lot of the games. Forgot to mention that I have an original one of these from the 90’s which had 127 knock-off Atari and Commodore games installed.


Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong at friend’s houses was ‘da bomb! :D

With Driver you have reminded me of a similar game that’s we used to play. I may still have a PS2 copy of it...The Getaway :) As far as PS2 games go, Downhill Domination was probably my favourite game to play with friends.


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I also have happy memories of PS1 games as the kids were growing up.

  • TOCA Touring Cars - didn't take my then 9 year old son very long to be able to beat me convincingly . . . and repeatedly
  • Metal Gear Solid - he'd play the game but I'd have to coach him . . . and it took a lot of coaching before he realised that the running-into-a-room-guns-blazing approach perhaps wasn't the best way:facepalm:
And also remembering the Windows 95 PC and Network Q Rally.

We still have a Wii u in the living room 'for the grandkids':p


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I remember a friend of my dad's came over once and he was part of some shooting club. He saw my Duck Hunt gun and asked me to start the game. He then explained to me how to aim. Perfect scores in Duck Hunt ever since. It's too bad it doesn't work on LED screens. They really need to bring that back.


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