Fitting active pickups


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Hi Monkey lord and all follwers

I am considering fitting active pickups (brand undecided) into my Ibanez S470L which has a HSH pickup arrangement and passive pickups currently installed (Seymour Duncan Dimebucker bridge and jazz 59 necck with stock single coil).
My question is how easy/hard is it to fit them as my guitar does not have a battery compartment. Can I do it myself or do I havew to hand it over to a guitar shop to do?

Bear in mind I am 28 and I use chainsaws for a living (I am of sound mind :mad: )

I await your responses :cool:

Cheers guys

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Im pretty sure that you'd have to route out a hole in the back to hold the not to sure if you could do that yourself but id like to put some active pickups in my agile.


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A lot of the time you can mount the battery in the control cavity, where the volume knobs and pickup selector are wired.

Personally however, I don't like actives so its not something I have experience in doing, I'm going the other way, removing an active to replace with a passive very soon.