Dudes when is album coming out??


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So as far as I can remember, the EP's were originally going to be an album, but with the way the music business works nowadays with listeners not having the attention span for a whole album, Dorje decided to divide it up into 2 EP's. So technically, the 2 EP's together are the album.

They have mentioned they are working on new music, but with the current state of the world, I wouldn't expect anything any time soon.


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TBH I haven't heard anything about them working together for a while. Toska are getting pretty big on the prog scene with their album, Bea also has Frogleap to tour with doing big gigs. I dunno what Rob is up to, but I saw he's moved to Malta so who knows when they will work together again.
Take the time it needs, i still enjoy the first 2 ep's. I am really curious on what many of your song is about. Is it about your last Relationship? Also something from clock Wolf and co album is really making me believe it is sheets of lyrics you have written down from a ended Relationship. But i have not seen an interview or where you talk about the text in your songs.


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I saw on Ben Minals youtube channel that he left the band i wonder if he will be replaced?
Yep I saw that. Ben essentially said that nothing is happening due to lockdown but that he's leaving Dorje. Seemed a touch weird but understand that if something isn't inspiring you then it's time to move on.