Does anyone play Elite Dangerous?

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I bought ED and the Horizons DLC for £7.99 in the Steam sale a month ago and haven't stopped playing it.

I was a massive fan of Elite on Spectrum, and took a week off work when Frontier came out on Amiga.

Finally took the plunge and kitted my Krait Mk2 for Void Opal mining and made 10 million in 15 minutes the first time I tried it (no Opals or Diamonds, just some stuff beginning with "G").


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I've really wanted to play Elite Dangerus and Star Citizen as they look totally the type of game I will really love. All my gaming gear is packed up right now, but once we move I will take a look at things once the house has a network wired in for me.


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I loved the old freelancer games. But I mostly played through the campaign. I'm not much for trading and mining etc. I really wanted to love EVE online but I never was able to get into it.