Deal Of The Day! The Bargain thread...

beans & rice

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US players, GC has their Squier Bullet Tele in Surf Green on sale for $120 right now. It's normally $180.
Every time it goes on sale it's a great solution for cheap tele gas. I got mine for $140, I think, and it was totally worth it. Feels good, sounds good. The tuners are the only downside. I swapped mine out with some budget white button vintage tuners and they made a world of difference. It's a fun guitar.

My wife painted the headstock to match. :D



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@beans & rice

that is a ridiculous deal. through body stringing as well on the bullet compared to the affinity; you could easily retro fit a heavy wilko bridge, with a bit of effort you could make it look really close to a 60s tele for very little