Deal Of The Day! The Bargain thread...

Alan O'hagan

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I wasn't guessing, I had checked - it's the three I mentioned, and the consortium is called GAP.
Ah yes GAP you’re right @GloopyJon I read something about the 3 of them stocking G&L guitars in a direct challenge to Fenders aggressive/ dictatorial sales strategy.

In one of my many day dreams there’s a scenario where I win the Lottery, not mega bucks but enough to pick and choose what I do. Anyway the day dream goes something like
- I buy a high street shop with a work shop in back
- I spend my days searching for gear
- I sell the gear in the shop - without been to worried about profit cos yeah I won the lottery :D
- and the Work shop? Well that’s where I make classical guitars of course

Ah well maybe one day
Cynical me thought straight away about Lee Andertons sales pitch a couple of years back that Gibson dont lose alot of value, well theres a 2.5K loss straight away if you were a person who paid full price.
that is a good point, well made
While 2,5k is a large sum indeed, I believe he made the comparison to Volkswagens and the likes. Even those lose half their value when driven out of the showroom. The resale value still holds (relatively) strong after the initial blow. Ironically that is only a pro-used argument :p