D'Addario Cleaning Kit


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I know this is probably the most borning thing to review/read but i was so impressed i had to share!

I did a trial restore & polish on my old Strat which had a couple of patches in the paint that looked matte, the restoring liquid has given the Strat new life and the matte areas are shining again with only faint scracth marks.

After the test run I decided to give it a go on my 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, I hadn't cleaned it in a while and there were a couple of marks in the paint I put down to being something to do with the nitro finish but a couple of goings with the kit & it looks pretty mint! You should give it a go :)

cleaning kit.jpg


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I use only the Music Nomad guitar care products. Ever since discovering that brand, nothing else is even allowed to touch my guitars.


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I don't mind a good scratch or ding, you should see the back of my custom lol, but my Black Beauty was covered in gunk and sweat as lovely as that sounds and my gibson polish wasnt cutting through it so I ordered the new kit but because of lockdown it took weeks to come.