Cookies issue

ed lespaul

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A cookie issue has seemed to pop up on the new forum. I automatically login fine (as usual), but it seems that there is an issue after a few days where I cannot do much of anything, other than read the threads. If I try to post a thread, it says I need to accept the cookie policy. If I try to mark all forums read, same issue. I even can't see my own profile to see if the cookie policy is there.

The only way around it, is to clear the 2 chapman cookies from my system and reload the page, which makes me log in again, and creates a new cookie. This is really getting annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

I'm using Win10 64bit and (latest) Chrome at the time of this post.

Obviously, I cleared the cookies and re-logged in to make this post :)


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Do you have any browser extensions that block cookies? I use Ghostery and uBlock Origin and that could be the reason i'm not seeing this since they won't really be kept.


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It doesn't happen all the time. When it happens, the only way around it is to remove the cookies.
You could try removing and recreating your windows profile. That's a pain for most home users though.. Are you running some form of AV/antimalware software? That might lock or block cookies.