Chinese Pirates of Electro-Harmonix Software Walk the Plank!


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Surprised this hasn't been discussed on here, cheeky Pirates!

Shenzhen MooerAudio Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer and marketer of electronic effects pedals, was flagrantly infringing on EHX's copyrighted software. Two of Mooer's effects pedals, an organ simulator named the "Mooergan" and an octave pedal called the "Tender Octaver" included exact copies of the compiled software contained in EHX's C9 Organ Machine and Micro POG pedals.

The infringement was so bold and blatant that Shenzhen Mooer audaciously copied the Electro-Harmonix copyright notice in the software powering the C9 and Micro POG. After becoming aware of this piracy, Electro-Harmonix retained counsel and aggressively sought recourse.

EHX President, Mike Matthews, stated: "Electro-Harmonix has successfully won battles with labor racketeers in the U.S.A. and ruthless mobsters in Russia. After almost two years of fighting, the Chinese courts have awarded Electro-Harmonix a nearly six figure judgement. Our victory is now complete and these pirates have walked the plank!"



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I read about this on reddit. Let's just say I disagreed with the general opinion over there.

For my 2 cts, you're welcome to make an "alike" if you make a les paul type guitar and put "yourbrand" on it, more power to you. Do not put gibson on it and sell it as if it's a gibson. The same goes for pedals. You build a cheap version of X sure. But don't pretend it's good brand Y. Stealing software to sell a cheap pedal is not ok.

People are working hard to make their quality brand a succes and sure some are big faceless companies. But there are people working there with families who are laid off if the results are bad. Or in some cases brands go bust because of a bad rep caused by fakes.

A lot of people on reddit have no qualms about getting the stolen variant. I like what mooer is doing bringing affordable pedals. But not this way. Next time I'll just buy a TC or something along that line.


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That seems pretty rough.

I walk a bit of a line with these topics. I don't see how you can put a bunch of off the shelf components into a circuit and patent it. But directly copying coding? That's proper naughty.