Charvel Neck - Fender Stratocaster Body, Is It Possible??


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Hi guys, I'm not sure this is possible, but I want to double check before I decided on my new project for the spring.

Basically I want to build some more really nice Strat's. I love my Blue Strat and I really want to build another Strat Plus guitar but I really want an all Maple neck like the USA Special Strat in surf green that Lupinehorror/ Col bought off me (I will buy it back one day!).

Now what I really want to do is make a guitar that is almost like one of doctorpaul 's Charvel's known as Yogi

I would like to put together one like this (unless I can get Sensei to sell me Yogi), as it's using a vintage style tremolo just like my Blue Strat Plus. I would like to swap it for a twin post Fender tremolo, with the block saddles found on both my Blue Strat and on USA models. Some of the newer Squire guitars comes with the modern twin post tremolo now, so it's meant prices and ease of getting the parts have improved since I did my blue Strat during December 2014 - January 2015. Basically everything else about the build I want to do the same as this guitar.

Now from what I understand, Charvel necks are slimmer and narrower than a normal Fender neck, but I am not sure if you can just install a Charvel neck onto a normal Fender body? Would I have to use someone like Warmouth and get them to do the neck pocket differently so it could take a genuine Charvel neck and not be a bodge job?

If it's going to be impractical for me to make a Charvel of my own, I will just make another identical Strat Plus but using an all maple Strat Plus neck and actually having the correct twin post tremolo rather than a vintage style like my blue Strat actually has. I may do a David Gilmour Strat build this year, but my room is pretty much crammed full of guitar and computer gear, so I only have room to safely have 3 or 4 guitars max at a time.

Thanks for any advice or info in using Charvel parts in my own build guys.

Hopefully Sensei will sell me the guitar as I have been begging him to sell it me for about a year now!!


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I know that David Gilmour had Charvel necks on his Strats in the 70s and early 80s but not sure if they needed modification to do so.

I guess that doesn't really help, does it?!


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Thanks Roberto. I think even though it's a pretty "small" difference in width, trying to widen the neck pocket would just cause further headaches with how the strings all lined up with the pickup and with the bridge. I would most likely use Lace Sensors to get over the pup issue, but a standard Fender bridge would not really work properly (even though I would have it setup static , hence why I am not wanting a Floyd Rose).

So basically I need to get a Charvel body and neck for this build to even stand a chance of being sucessful. Looking at Sensei's EVH "Stripey" Charvel, I think it looks so beautiful that I would even like it to a "Mean Streets Guitar" replica or Kramer replica.


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The heel width difference isn't constant (older strathead charvels had the narrower fender width, but those necks are rare and maybe £500 used).
Modern charvels have a wide heel.
DONT try to enlarge the pocket on your body to accommodate a wider neck ... that's a bad move.

Neck thickness is also variable across the range - promods are quite chunky, whereas the 6000 series reissues have skinny-C profiles.

Yogi is unique in that it ALSO has a wider nut width than other Charvels.

Of course, you could just buy Yogi *

(* when I'm dead)