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Discussion in 'Chapman Guitars' started by Kalcitus, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Kalcitus

    Kalcitus Member

    Jul 5, 2017
    I think it would be very helpful to have videos, either hosted on the Chapman Guitars website or a link on the website to Youtube hosted ones, for each of the new guitars on how they sound. Something where the pickup designs are explained, with regard to the goal of what they should sound like, and then a demonstration of what they sound like in the various positions and with/without gain etc.

    You guys do a great job of doing this with other gear on your Youtube channels but you've only done a couple with your own products that I could find. As someone who doesn't have a shop even remotely near by that sells your product, it's an immensely helpful tool for getting an idea of whether it suits me or not. I had my eye on an ML-3 Modern Pro - and ended up using this video as a reference.
  2. Chapman Guitars Staff

    Chapman Guitars Staff Active Member Staff Member

    Feb 5, 2015
    Suggestion noted! Thanks for the feedback, all good points
  3. AngusWolfe

    AngusWolfe Likes red things.

    Apr 29, 2015
    While we're on website suggestions can somebody PLEASE have a look at RobChapman.TV. it's so outdated it's rediculous.

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