Chapman MLB-1 2nd release for sale.

Blue Curran

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Obviously I don't need to explain the quality of the product you are buying if you are on Rob's forum, I probably only played it for a handful of months as I decided to stop playing not long after purchasing to have more time for other endeavors, always intended to go back to playing which is why I still have it.

Absolutely perfect condition, all original except maybe the strings, they feel like my usual Elixir lights but I could be mistaken as obviously it has been many years.

Asking for £350, which is probably an absolute steal but I have no idea on the state of the market anymore. Collection only, Northampton UK.
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I shan't be buying this as I already have one...just wanted to say that I got one of the first run and have been very happy with it. I recently sold my first bass, a Yamaha RBX170, so this is currently my only (fretted) bass, and I've never really felt a need to buy another one.

And I think the price is very reasonable. GLWTS!


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Oh if this is still available in a few weeks I shalt be contacting you.

Want to get my hands on one of the originals, headstock and all ;)