Chapman ML1 modern pro or.....

I’m going to treat myself in 2019 and thinking about getting a ML1 but open to suggestions.

I’ve also been looking at the PRS Mark Holcomb too. Has anyone played both? Whatcha think? I’m a metal guitarist.


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I’ve played some PRS SE models. They really nice (not the Holcomb). I’ve played Chapman’s too. I own the ML1-Pro modern. It’s a really awesome solid guitar. The solid maple cap, the locking Hipshot tuners, and stainless steel frets really make the guitar feel that much nicer. Awesome neck too. The Sonorous pickups are really great too. I even tried swapping for some Duncans and ended up going back to the Chapmans. The neck-through construction is nice too. It also comes with a great hard case. If you search on YouTube, you’ll see some great demos with the ML1-Pro Modern. It is great for Metal.


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I really like the ML1 Norseman, would love to have one of those. Not really a PRS guy, but I know from previous experience you cannot go wrong with the pro series, and I am sure the ML1 are no exception.