"Chapman design contest"

New person here. I'm Andertons TV fan on YT, and guitar "hobbyist", guitar "enthusiast", and hobby "gear analyzer". XD
I have few ideas on things which I would do on some Chapman models .... And I will put them here.
I will probably get a lot of roast like I usually do, so I'm not sure why I wanna embarrass myself in public again.

Btw. I'm not sure if that "contest" is still on where people are design guitars on existing models, and change only specs slightly. So yeah, sry if that stuff has ended and if it's no longer .... active.

Anyway, my small 5 cents on some models.

First guitar

On this one I would simply add one P90 in the middle, or make it P90 / single coil / P90 guitar.
3x P90 guitars and P90 / SC / P90 is like dead market with only few models so ...
If you don't wanna change anything about it, keep same woods.
And if you wanna play with it. Make it like Alder body / Maple top / full Maple neck.

And in terms of color, I think this one is pretty sick:

One - https://www.premierguitar.com/ext/r...t/2018_11/LNU/Nov18_LNU_ESP_Snakebyte_WEB.jpg
Two - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6a/ca/17/6aca178f734d26007fe4bdc9357a2eeb.jpg
Three - https://ibb.co/Ch5Zqw5 or https://i.ibb.co/Yp7M6N7/ss.png

Like this purpleish / dark blueish thing. I love that types of color.

Second guitar

Tiny bit of a disclaimer, my understanding of this guitar is simple .... It has some sort of Duncan 59 copy in mini humbucker format on neck, and high output on bridge.

Things which I would do here. Just simply add middle pickup, same as neck one. To have HSS guitar. I think neck pickup on middle would be cool. Especially if it's Duncan 59 alternative.

Now in terms of wood. I see this is Alder body / Padouk neck guitar.
If you wanna keep it in similar sound range like existing one. I personally would go with this super strange but sick combo. Swamp Ash body / Walnut top / full Wenge neck. In natural.

And if you wanna change it completely, make it classic: Mahogany body / Maple top / full Maple neck.

Since I will get lot of roasts , I will go now .... I'm pretty sure I won't be back again so .....