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    May 12, 2017
    After buying my dsl15c I needed a solution for the lack of an effects loop. I'm still hitting myself for missing that. BUT the clean channel is really nice.. In the end I figured that I'd wanted to be able to do gain staging with a pedal anyway. The overdriven channel is SO much and without separate tone knobs it's difficult to use..

    So the setup..
    ts909 going into the evolution, boss DD-7 and then into the clean channel.

    I should've gotten a pedal like this sooner. I've watched a lot of youtube stuff, tried some things.. And in the end a lot was ok but didn't grab me. And then I stumbled onto the evolution on gilmourish.
    It's able to do creamy lead, or raw acdc overdrive.. And in combination with the tubescreamer I can really get any sound.. The feeling that these pedals and amp give me is like upgrading my peavey raptor to a true strat.

    I'm not a great reviewer, and I haven't used a lot of pedals before this one so I'll point you http://www.gilmourish.com/?p=5244 here for a more informed opion.

    But I will say I'm really happy about this pedal. It's the best buy I've made in a while. It sounds great, is a breeze to setup and the build quality is amazing. everything clicks and rolls smoothly.

    If you're looking for a pedal that holds the middle ground between a muff and OD this is a serious contender.


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