BOSS ES-8 - Dual Channel (like pod x3/helix)

So a while back I gave up my POD X3 Live and started replacing it with real pedals - since I was always running it as dual rig this was my goal for my pedal board as well.
In relation to this, I also wanted the flexibility of the POD X3, being able to move things around in the signal chain and switch between different configurations etc.

The BOSS ES-8 seemed to answer all my prayers except, it doesn't have a way to split right and left channels to run dual channels using cab simulator pedals (like the Mooer Radar) - but by studying the manual extensively and taking a cut from their A/B amp/pedal setup I was able to work out how to do it.

Essentially, you need an ABY splitter in Y configuration; with one side patched into the Volume Return.
Then you run Volume send to the Right channel of 7 Return and have the second Cab Sim on loop 7.
In this setup, loop 4 gets sent out to 7 Right Return, and the MT-2/5150 preamps get run through the 7 Send into the Radar and sent back into 7 Left Return.

Then any time you want to run stereo, you put the ABY splitter before the Right channel and Volume after the right channel (here Mooer Pre-amp live, with built in cab sim). And the left channel goes after Volume with stereo reverb on 8 after the left and right channels get rejoined by loop 7.

The only downside that I found is that the Stereo option for patch 7 is a global setting not per patch (unless they changed this in the 2.0 firmware patch?) ; essentially, with the stock firmware, you can't run the Radar by itself because it will either mix in the dry signal from volume send, or it'll run the right channel as silent when volume is turned off. But i can work around this limitation.
I made some small tweeks last night.

I changed all my presets of the Mooer Pre-amp Live to use the FX-Serial which essentially splits the box into Pre-amp and Power-amp+IR using the FX-Loop and put the ABY off the back of the chorus/delay so I don't loose a whole loop on the ES-8.

This way, pre-amps 2, 3, 4 & 5 are all interchangeable - it made me laugh running the Pre-Amp from the Mooer Live board through the Radar and the 5150 pre-amp through the Mooer Live IR.

But the ideal situation would be if Boss allowed the internal mixer to attach to 7R side of the stereo path rather than force it to both left and right sides.
Installed the new firmware today (the Midi/USB thingy arrived on time!) and now it does stereo out of the box.

I've put the CE-1 Chorus on 7 so that I can have 100% wet in mono 7L; or run it stereo with one channel dry; Or I can pull the patch cable to make it blended wet/dry on 7L.

And on top of this, you can split the signal after any loop, it doesn't have to be on 7.

Loving it! Why it wasn't like this out of the box is beyond me ;)