Boss CE-2w Mono 100% WET

Hi All,

I'm trying to get the Boss CE-2w to run mono with 100% WET.

CE1 -> Mono - dry+wet signals mixed into Output A (this is causing me phasing effects I don't want)
CE1 -> Stereo - wet signal from Output A dry signal from Output B (i only need the wet signal in the chain)

Currently I'm running Output B (dry) into a tuner which is working for now...
However when I get a Boss ES-8 the tuner wont be available any more, and the ES-8 will be chokka.

I've tried plugging in a patch cable with a free end, but that only half worked; the phasing lessened but didn't go away.

Input impedance of the Boss MT-2 is 1M ohm - if i get a 1M ohm resistor and use it to short out a 1/4" jack plug will that do the job safely? My electronics knowledge ends at being able to solder things together, but more is better right? ;)

I don't want to buy and power a pedal just for this purpose.


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hi there

i am sure you are aware, the nature of the chorus effect is to have the modulated and direct tones mixed to make the entire sound. without the direct tone, its a vibrato; think there is a Waza Boss Vibrato pedal

have you tried a vibe pedal? i know - its more akin to a phaser than chorus...

however there is no direct guitar sound, just modulation

i have a few and with careful setting, you can go from subtle to a wash of modulated signal

also - although not as good as the CE2, the dano CC1 chorus has a mix control. IIRC, you can remove the direct signal for a vibrato sound
Thanks for your reply Johnnie.

I've got the wet side of the CE-2 plugged into the BOSS ES-8; so I can use the ES-8 mixer to bring back in the dry signal to put it into proper chorus mode; which works just as well as pulling the plug out of dry side of the CE-2.

But like you said, mostly I'm just using the modulation to add an extra bit of saturation to my distorted tones.