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Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice!!!

Currently in the process of selling my Mayones Regius 7, and have been offered a straight trade for a Blackat 6 String.

Main questions I have are:

- Quality issues: anyone got information on any issues or indeed praise?
- Price: unsure exactly on price, seller seems to think that it should be relatively similar. I'm valuing the Regius at £2800-3000.
- Personal experience: if anyone has owned or indeed played one I'd like to hear from you!!

Here's what the guy has to say about the guitar, I've also added in some pictures of it too for you to see.

The specs are: Bodo wood body, from what I can gather it's an African region hardwood. Flamed maple cap obviously. BlacKat don't really grade their woods as it's more of a personal opinion that changes from one manufacturer to another but I think it pretty much explains itself just by looking at it. The neck is wenge & bubinga. Fretboard is ebony. 25.5" scale. Stainless steel frets. Luminlay side markers. White abs binding on body/neck & headstock. Hipshot hardware. Fishman fluence modern humbuckers with the full electronic upgrade (active & passive voicing using the tone knob push/pull. Coil tap using the volume push/pull. Rechargeable battery built in with led equipped charging port on the backplate.



So please hit me up with any info you might be able to send my way regarding my questions!!!




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That guitar looks amazing!!

price: Hard to value.
I clicked it together on the blackat website and came in at 2300 euro. That might be excluding 20ish% tax. But even so you'd end up with 2700 euro for a new guitar completely to your specs. When buying I aim for 2/3rds of the new price if it's all in perfect shape. So let's say I'd offer 1900 euro for a second hand. (Hey I'm the buyer we can always talk about an offer)
So if your regus second hand value is 2800 pound I'd say it's a bad trade pricewise. You could just sell it and have a guitar made exactly how you like it. The second hand market depends a lot per country so it's hard to judge. But on reverb I see some hefty prices for the regius. (and that also looks really really great)

I don't know the brand but it looks amazing. So I can't comment on the quality.

Should you want it?
Well personally I don't buy anyting without trying it first or there has to be a great return policy / deal I can never lose out on.
After that it depends.. Is it a great guitar? See if he's willing to pay along with the trade or reconsider the valuation of your regus. Don't like it? or in doubt? Always walk away.

What I just gathered is just from 2 minutes google. So take with a healthy dose of salt.