Best Fender to get.... (On a budget)


I'm looking to start on electric guitar, and wanting to get some kinda strat. The problem is, I don't know whether I should buy a mini or a full size (I'm 5'7").

Also, I'm looking to spend up to £300

Wondering if there's anything at andertons you could recommend? (I live 10 mins away from them)

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Hey @kerbalstuff:)
In your price range you could easily pick up a secondhand Fender (made in Mexico - also known as MIM or Mex) Strat on your local Gumtree or FB Guitar gear pages. They come up for sale a lot so hopefully there should be rich pickings out there for you. The serial number on the back of the headstock starts with MX followed by a string of numbers if it's Mexican made.
These are great guitars for your budget range!
And they come in a wide variety of colours and types too.
Also worth looking out for (secondhand) is a Squier Classic Vibe Strat. Squier is a subsidiary company of Fenders and are usually of lower quality but the Classic Vibe range is stunningly good.
If you are set on buying new from Andertons then probably your best bet would be a Squier Vintage Modified Strat. Not as good as the Classic Vibe range but not bad at all.
Before you go and try them there are a ton of videos on YouTube and loads of reviews on the interweb too.
But to echo @Poseidon above, go and TRY them for yourself.
It's the best way to find the Strat that's right for you!
Good luck and let us know how you get on...:)


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The best Fender to get... is the one you like holding and looking at the most. If you like playing it too, you have found the best one.
Also, the best Fender is a used Fender.
(Or a really sexy Custom Shop Strat, but on your budget, we won't talk about that)

I also missed the part where you said you are 10 minutes fro Andertons... So yeah, try everything. Everything there. Even if it's not a Fender. Even if it's used. Even if it's a freaking Daisy Rock, it doesn't matter. You want the one that fits in your hands and makes playing comfortable, and still looks sexy.


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and make sure to tell the guys in store that you're just starting, don't be intimidated, we all started new at one point. If you tell them your situation straight away, they'll be able to help you better. :)


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Go full size! And which Fender variation? Strat? Tele? Jaguar? Jazzmaster?

For the budget, I think the best you are going to get is either a second hand Squier Classic Vibe, or Mexican Strat. You will struggle to get Fender on the Headstock for £300 new.

I would definitely recommend looking outside of Fender at your budget, you will be surprised by what you can get for the money from brands such as Ibanez, LTD, Yamaha, etc.

**edit** apologies, missed the bit about wanting to start on a Strat. Rest still stands though