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Hi all,

I know the adage "4 strings bad, 6 strings good" is something I live by, but I'm transitioning into playing bass in my new band and I'm on the hunt for a bass amp to finish my setup. I'm currently playing a Fender Elite Precision, and am on the lookout for something a bit flashier to add to the collection (possibly something "Rickenbacker" like).

I'm playing mainly rocky/punky power pop kinda stuff, so I'd like something that is either nice and clean to shove pedals in front of, or that has a bit of grit/gain to add a bit of that into the mix. Being able to DI straight from the amp would be great, but not essential. Portability is a large factor, as I want something fairly small or even rack based.

Current thoughts for me are in the Orange camp, either the Terror Bass or the OB1-300, but I was also looking at the TC Electronic BH550 as I like the idea of the toneprint feature. I've set a nominal budget of around £500 (which both Orange amps are just over) so any suggestions?

P.S Yes, I know I could just use my Kemper, but I want something separate and standalone
I ended up buying a Fender Rumble 200 head, but it looks like they don't make that any more. I only needed something simple for casual rehearsals/jam sessions anyway. I looked at the TC Electronic amps many times, but they have quite mixed reviews in some places and they are quite a few years old nowadays, and in the end I decided to plump for something simple that had consistently good reviews.


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The Fender Rumble stuff is stupid nice for the price. My bass player uses a combo with a Darkglass pedal in front and it can do anything. Their combos use Neodymium speakers so they are super light weight. Their heads look very compact and it ticks all the boxes for features you wanted.


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Cheers for the ideas! I'm familiar with some of the Trace Elliot stuff from gigging, and I've heard the Fender Rumble is one to check out


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I use a Hartke TX600 and I'm pleased with it. Looks like it might be difficult to get in the UK, though.

Just scrolling through Andertons, it looks like there are a few Markbass amps you could get into. Fantastic amps. There's also an Aguilar in that price range, and, I mean, it's a freaking Aguilar.

TC has a really good power-for-money ratio, though. I have played the 500-watt TC and thought it was pretty decent. Didn't get to mess around with the Tone Print stuff and I think I would really enjoy that.

Other than than the TC, the Peavey Mini Mega 1000 watt head is stupid power for the price.