Are Tube Amps Really Worth It?


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If you're concerned with volume, get something like a Blackheart or Epiphone Valve Jr.
I also have the Epiphone, picked one up for $100 around a year ago from (they've since upped the price a little). Running it through a vox 2x12 and it sounds pretty great, definitely something I'd recommend looking in to.
I also have a valvetronix, and i tell you, it is nothing like tube tone. It can give you a good amount of everything, but its not going to sound amazing like a tube amp


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For roughly a period of 6 months i had a marshall mg30dfx and and marshall dsl401 side by side and played through each one to see the differences. I found that the cleans just simply sounded far superior on the dsl but once you distort it the diference is less apparent... that is until you turn the dsl up a notch, then it comes into its own. In the house i generally don't crank the amp much unless i'm recording, but i definitely prefer the Valves over the solid state.
Solid State and Digital gear is full of odd order harmonics which to our ears sound bad, and for me they hurt and give me a headache very quickly.

Valve amps do not do this, they do not fatigue the ear like SS amps do.

So for the sake of your ears, for the sake of your playing and for the sake of people who have to listen to you... get a _good_ tube amp.


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tube amps allow for a lot more depth in your playing... like I said in another thread - they are responsive to how hard you play, unlike a solid state amp or an OD pedal... the harder you play the more OD you will achieve and the softer you play, the more it will clean up. Also responsive in this way to the volume control on your guitar.

A lot of people say tube amps sound a lot more 'honest'. I tend to agree.


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weirdotis said:
Mojo292 said:
You should get the new dual Terror yeah!! I can't wait to check that bad boy out! :mad:

What exactly does the Fat channel do though? I can't wait to get mine :mad:
Apparently makes it a "fat and chunkier sound...while still keeping the Tiny Terror tone" according to the Orange site. Whatever fat and chunkier means? Maybe more bass?