Are there different neck widths for electrics?

I'm new to electric guitars. I got a Yamaha Pacifica a couple of weeks ago, and while I really like it, it seems like the neck is narrower than I am used to. I find I'm constantly muting strings accidentally.

I have been only playing acoustic for the last 30 years, off and on, and one of my acoustics is a classical, which has a really wide neck.

My fingers seem to be a bit "too fat" for this Pacifica's neck. Do other brands/models come in different neck widths?

Is this just something I need to learn to deal with? My hands are large, but not unusually large.

Any advice?


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This is pretty much exactly why I posted that question in your other thread. You might enjoy reading this (note that the PRS SE 245 has a 1 11⁄16″ nut; all the other guitars have 1⅝″ nuts).

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image.jpeg The Gibson Les Paul also has a 1-11/16" Nut. You can buy a Les Paul 2013-2014 LPJ model for between $400 to $800 US depending upon condition. They are a true bargain for a Made In The USA Gibson. The 2014, shown here has relatively rare '61 pickups, which were the best available on this model in the opinion of most Gibson players. It does hace a rather thin and fat, dull finish compared to the Les Paul Studio, Standard, and Traditional models. It also has a Mahogany body and a Hard Maple Cap like every other Les Paul except for the Les Paul Junior, which is solid Mahogany with a flat, non-sculpted top.
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