Anyone own a 2015 Gibson Les Paul?

I've got a 2014 Gibson LP Studio Pro. I like it. Plays well and sustains for days. That being said, QC is something to be aware of. The finish on my neck is a little uneven in thickness, but not much. I'd seen and played others that were not in great shape. That seems to be the deal with Gibsons - at least the ones that aren't $4000. You either need to play the exact instrument you buy, or you have your shop pick one out for you, if you trust them. And toss in some $$ for some pro fret work.


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Ok, I'll play.
The OP and I have chatted about this.
So let's look at the evidence.

2015 models saw -

Thicker slabs of lumber for the fretboard. WIN.

Titanium saddles. WIN.

Brass adjustable nut. WIN (adjustability). WIN (free titanium nut to replace the brass, which wears quickly).

Thicker wiring. WHO CARES.

G-Force. WIN.

Silly headstock scribble and hologram. DEAL WITH IT (personally, I think they're a great tribute to a great man).

No binding nibs. I like nibs. But I like the 2015 system just fine.

More highly finished board. WIN.

Proper inlays (not plastic). WIN.

As for the wider board ... these guys who insist that they're just TOO damned wide ... seriously? You kidding me? What do they do when they switch from a Lester to a Strat, then an Ibanez, then their acoustic, then a skinny SG profile, then a baseball bat '50s profile? They're wider. So they're gonna feel different. Not WORSE, just different. Of the 70-odd guitars that get love here, there are maybe a dozen with neck dimensions exactly the same as another guitar. Damnit, on my Gibson rack, there are two necks that feel the same as each other. The rest are all different in some way. The Charvel rack is the same .. wide, narrow, fat, thin ... ITS ALL GOOD.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy another 2015. My Less+ is a great guitar ... I mean, a GREAT guitar. Fretwork is lovely, finish is nice, the NECK is chubby and wholesome, and it sounds killer.

When the stocks of 2015's run out, and they stop getting blown out at stupid money, they'll sell on the used market for about the same as the 2014 stuff. I betcha.

Look ... I paid £8XX for mine ... a fully bound Lester that plays 95% as well as my Custom Shop Axcess, and THAT is a proper top-shelf guitar ... probably one of my three best guitars.

If I had room, I'd be snapping up 2015's faster than I'd climb on top of Cameron Diaz with Pizza and cake for pudding.

I'm done.

Doc out.


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If you're purely talking about "Fret Sprout" meaning that the ends protrude from the edge of the fret-board, that's a bit unfair to criticize. Every guitar I've ever owned (without binding over fret ends) have done that when the fret-board shrinks a bit over time, this includes my Select Series Strat (which cost every bit as much as my LP). I'm certain that the guitars didn't leave Gibson's production facility that way. What 2015 models were you playing that didn't have the 0 fret nut? Were they late model year runs?
Its not a case of the board shrinking over time - the fret ends were not dressed. These were new guitars. My own 2014 had the same issue. Easily sorted but still something that annoyed me.
Lets be clear I am a big fan of Gibsons - I even like the scribble headstock signature but the frets were poorly dressed on the guitars I played (and bought!)
doctorpaul have you tried the 2016 High Performance models yet? I like the look of the specs and between the Traditional and HP models, at least based on the spec I'd go for HP without a doubt.

I'll be in England for a few days soon although I'm not sure if I'll have the opportunity for a sneaky trip to a guitar shop - and in any case I don't really want to buy anything right now (of course I always have gas for something but I don't need anything else at the moment). I would like to try out a few things that I've only seen online, though, and one of those is the 2016 HP Les Pauls.