Anyone ever built a travel guitar?

Soap Distant

The Big Kahuna (again!)
I've been thinking, rather than throw £300 at a Steinberger Spirit, I could just buy a £30 Encore or Squier Bullet off Gumtree, and get the hacksaw out. It's only for noodling in the car anyway, and it'll probably get left in the boot in all temperatures.


You'll be able to take two or three inches off around the body but you'll have to leave space around the electronics, and you never know what wood you'll encounter with the hacksaw, and then you'll have to finish it where you've been hacking. It's possible; personally, I don't really see a huge benefit but if you're willing to give it a go and not too bothered about the thirty quid if it all goes wrong, why not give it a go?

It's an interesting challenge that I might have a go at myself at one point. I think the main difficulty is probably getting the ergonomics of a very small body that's still comfortable to play.

Soap Distant

The Big Kahuna (again!)
It'll be a piece of shit, but I'm going to skim the hell out of the frets, cut down the headstock and move the B & E tuners around to the other side similar to an EB, carve the body up, and I might even remove all the electronics and make a solid scratchplate. Its only purpose is for left hand exercises, and it'll be a hell of a lot better at that than one of those £8 "pocket guitars" from Amazon.