Affordable Acoustic..Yamaha Vs Fender

So today I tried a bunch of acoustic guitars and narrowed it down to the two I like best within my price range ($400 US or less)

Yamaha FGX700SC SDB
Fender T Bucket 400CE

Both are drop dead gorgeous and both sound great, yet very different. I really love how effortless it is to play the Yamaha, and the neck feels amazing on it. This guitar overall sounds nice and bright. However, the Fender is drop dead gorgeous, and while it didn't sound as bright, it was pretty close and had a pretty deep low end which I dig. Didn't feel as nice to play overall as the Yamaha but the thing sounds awesome. Tuners on both guitars feel pretty smooth and I'd trust both could hold their tune pretty well.

So it's a split decision and I'm not sure what to go with. Just curious what do you guys think of these two guitars in comparison? Also keep in mind I didn't plug it into an amp so if you know anything about these two guitars as far as how they sound plugged in, let me know.
Went back to Guitar Center this morning and tried both back and forth again over and over. I was ABOUT to go with the Yamaha, buuut then the salesman pulled out another Fender in the same price point and it sounded and played better than both of the ones I was looking at. I ended up going with the Fender CD140SCE and good god it's an awesome guitar. Here ya go:

o_o Guess it was kind of pointless of me to post a thread cause I ended up going back so soon, buuut..For those of you who are in the $300 range, seriously give this thing a look.

UPDATE: Well the fun of playing my brand new guitar was short lived. I uh had an accident with a knife and sliced my index finger wide open because I'm an idiot and was messing with a strap. Hopefully I won't need stitches. I put some wound seal on it. XD I guess now you can say the guitar has already made itself part of me since I bled all over it the first day.


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My father inlaw has the same Guitar and its a great instrument, especially for the price.

One thing i will say is that the nut and the saddle really react badly to sunlight. so keep an eye on them. His are brittle as hell and the guitar is only a year old
I never tried a Fender, but I own an acoustic Yamaha since 1980 and it´s like new, it plays and sounds wonderfully. Maybe it would need to lower the action just a bit, but hey, and I didn´t give it special care. I have also tried a new Chinese nylon string Yamaha and sounds nice, too.
Nice. From what all I've played you really can't beat even the cheapest Yamaha acoustics for the money. If anyone's a beginner or just needing a cheaper acoustic I'd highly recommend the F335. It's an excellent instrument and sounds great. The $300 Yamaha I played in my opinion sounded better than a $900 used Martin they had.


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I have quite a lot of Yamaha products (keys, guitars, hell even the engine in my celica is a yammy) and the acoustics are dependable as hell.
I've gigged HARD with my CPX 900 and it play's as great as the day as I got it (and thanks to the spruce top sounds better too :D)

Working in a school I get to play loads of different types of instruments that students bring me to set up, restring and even retune. And I can safely say I've not played a bad Yamaha or a bad Fender acoustic.

Tanglewoods have been a MASSIVE disappointment for me im afraid. they used to be such a good brand :(
I haven't played a Tanglewood. My biggest problem with most acoustics is that alot of them lack volume; even some higher dollar ones like those gorgeous Ibanez Exotic Woods. They're extremely quiet and I absolutely hate it. As nice as those Exotic Wood guitars by Ibanez are I'd never buy one because they sound like ass to my ears.